A look inside the Nolimit City Mecca!


We’ve recently just moved to our brand new Nolimit City office in the heart of Sliema, and we're still smitten with the location we visit so regularly during the week! Thanks to the help of seasoned creative minds, Sweden’s own interior decorator icon FORMADEUS and Angie the Architect, they were able to transform our new (and empty) office space into a sacred location that promotes thought, creativity, and production!

Immediately, one is greeted with the office's stunning signage, including a lit-up lightning bolt sign and bright yellow neon lighting, which instantly enlightens the senses and gives that recognisable branding identity we adore, with touches of black and yellow employed throughout the workplace décor.

The space was transformed into an office that screams 'Nolimit,' and FORMADEUS and Angie the Architect have done an outstanding job of capturing the brand and communicating it through colorful furniture, dynamic lighting, and Scandinavian styling, which when combined, provide the ultimate working environment.

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with the dynamic duo that is FORMADEUS and Angie the Architect, an impeccable collaboration of two great design & decor minds together. From the very start till completion they showed nothing but passion and dedication to their craft, despite a humble budget and challenges put in front of them - the end result far exceeded our expectations - we have an office which we can proudly say represents our brand to the core. We highly recommend FORMADEUS and Angie the Architect for their attention to detail!" - Malcolm Mizzi, CCO & MD, Nolimit City.

Have a look below and see why we’re so proud! - Maybe even pop in for a coffee one day.


For more information about Nolimit City please contact sales@nolimitcity.com