Nolimit City 2021 Round-Up!


Rolling into the new year and letting all the events of 2021 sink in, there were quite some things to reflect on; some challenges to overcome, postponed industry events and more lockdowns - it’s great to be able to look back on our many accomplishments.

The Nolimit City team took 2021 by the short and curlies and to say that we had a successful year would be a massive understatement! As the new year continues to unfold, we make it a priority of ours to continue delivering the unseen and the unexpected. Our stellar games and the shock factor is what we’re most known for afterall 😉…

With the continued support of our awesome new and existing partners here’s a quick glimpse of what we achieved:

We also racked up a slew of trophies throughout the course of the previous year. The fact that these rewards were fully in the hands of the players made them stand out that much more, and reaffirmed the work that had gone into the games. Here's a quick rundown of what Nolimit has accomplished in the year 2021:

From all the team over at Nolimit Malta-Stockholm-India, we would like to thank you all for the continuous support towards our slot and we look forward to this new upcoming chapter that’s unfolding.

About Nolimit City

A gambling software provider with the operator in focus and the mobile future on our minds. Nolimit is a team of experienced professionals from the gambling industry in Stockholm, Sweden and Malta. Our company has derived from hands on work at some of the most successful gambling software providers and operators over the last 10 years. Our mission is to offer a fast, reliable and flexible team that cooperates with a selected few operators, taking gambling software to the next level.


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