SEE YOU THERE! Nolimit is attending the 2023 ICE Expo!


We're back, and bigger than ever.

Nolimit is back for another exciting ICE London Expo, ready to rock the start of ‘23 with the industry’s biggest, most anticipated event of the year!

With Nolimit City's acquisition by Evolution last year, you’ll now be able to find us within Evolution’s jaw-dropping mega-stand over at N1-100. Quite the upgrade if we’re being honest!

We’re fired-up, and ready to draw back the curtains and reveal our hot plans for the blazing year that 2023 is shaping up to be… Bring it!

Are you heading to ICE? Curious about what we’ve got in store? Make sure to head over to stand N1-100 and come check out what we’ve got to flaunt!

If you’ve got a bit more to say, you can also book a meeting in advance by reaching out to us at;


For more information about Nolimit City please contact