Bigger… Better! Introducing xSize™


It’s soon time to hit the skies. Nolimit City’s upcoming cluster game, Pearl Harbor, is out next week!

The absolute chaos which ensued during the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor is reflected in this slot as you take to the skies and bomb, slice, and kamikaze your way to ultimate victory in this adrenaline rush of a cluster game.

Pearl Harbor will be Nolimit’s second cluster game - following The Border’s release in September. In typical Nolimit fashion, we’ve decided to put another fresh spin on the classic cluster mechanics with our brand new xMechanic, xSize™.

Here’s how it works:

The base game area consists of a dynamic 'xSize™' 7x7 area where the central 3x3 area is initially active and the rest are blocked, but not for long...

With xSize™, certain symbols and features will expand the active area, massively increasing the potential for a win, especially when combined with other features such as xSplit®. These symbols are;

• xBomb® Wild Explosions
• Target Symbols
• Colossal Symbols

We’re known to push the boundaries of what’s thought to be possible. xSize™ is just the next tool in our arsenal that will propel Nolimit City to the forefront of innovation within the world of online slots!

Pearl Harbor releases globally on the 7th of December, 2022.


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