xZone™: The Secret Sauce to Some Mouthwatering Wins


Nolimit City’s much-anticipated slot, Gluttony, is out next week. This one’s quite bizarre - even for our standards…

One of the most exciting features of the upcoming game is the brand new xMechanic - ‘xZone™’ - Debuting in the form of ‘xZone™ Sauce’, it’s a rather simple feature yet it ties the whole game together - and raises the bar altogether, opening up more ways to grab those mouthwatering wins.

Here’s how it works:

Landing xZone™ Sauce applies - Applies +1 multiplier value on every regular paying symbol and Wild adjacent to it; vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

Multiple XZ-Sauce can land on the same row but not on the same reel. During FEDCON 1, XZ-Sauce can only land on the inner reels, applying a +1 multiplier for all connected paying symbols.

With multipliers going off everywhere, xZone™ is a welcome addition to any big win enthusiast - possibly leading to bagging that mouthwatering max-win of 32,000x the base bet!

We’re known to push the boundaries of what’s thought to be possible. xZone™ is just the next tool in our arsenal that will propel Nolimit City to the forefront of innovation within the world of online slots!

Gluttony releases globally on the 6th of June, 2023.


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